Nails, wood, paint, some tools and everyday gestures that seem unimportant, revisited and transformed into a fantastic DIY workshop.


As if they follow an assembly manual of a parallel universe, the characters / craftsmen are working on a site where everyone has their role. They perform precise gestures resulting from hours and hours of routine. Here, physical efforts are pushed to exhaustion which sometimes leads to an absurd result.


Their normality is in our eyes an absurdity. As the materials and the scenography elements transform successively, real paintings stard to appear. We witness the complicated, illogical and absurd creation of a work of art.

In this universe of the absurd and the strange, bricolage is not treated in its raw form. It is repeated, ritualized, coordinated and detached from its original function in order to bring it closer to the practices of dance, circus, music and visual arts. With his third creation, Claudio Stellato get further in his research between body and material.

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